“Enjoying Agile and My Job is a great book and has helped reignite and recenter myself around the things that truly matter in my work and business operations. In his book, Akeloe does an excellent job in asking powerful questions around the core things that matter, causing the reader to pause and think introspectively about how they are approaching challenges, and how they might improve their approach…This book helped me see how I can improve and provide folks with the best and most loving work environment possible.”
— Skipper Davies, Principal Consultant and
Owner, Agile Consulting Advisers LLC
“Enjoying Agile and My Job is a labor of love by someone who has lived it for over a decade. Akeloe Facey delivers this resource with people in mind, not simply the end user or customer, but the leader, professional, and Agilist. As the goal of this guide is to inform, inspire, and motivate people, it is deliberately not written in the lofty pedagogy of academia. Instead, it is delivered in simple, practical, and easy to digest nuggets of information, woven together by both generally accepted practices and faithbased resources, to provide a holistic perspective on the value of Agile principles. Allow this book to be your companion as you grow to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently, never forsaking the most important part of the equation: the people.”
Christian Hicks MBA, Recruiter, Penn State
“Enjoying Agile and My Job – Cultivating an Attitude that Enjoys, Promotes and Sustains the Agile Principles by Akeloe Facey is a book I wish I could have referenced in my earlier career when I was introduced to Agile. This book is a must read for the old and new Agilist. The book focuses on the 12 principles of Agile with a mindset of purpose, conviction, vision and passion.
This book coaches, advises and serves as a great self-help book to reference when you find yourself in a job rut or looking for motivation in the workplace. It touches on influencing, motivating others, leadership, biblical reference examples, professional/expert examples, personal experiences and study references. It is more than a textbook that gives more than just an overview of the 12 Agile principles.

Each chapter contains some information about the theme, how it often works in practice, then the author offers advice about the theme through anecdotes of their experience in the field and how you can see that things don’t always go to plan. At the end of each chapter are study questions to assist with reflecting on the content testing your knowledge of the information shared.

With that being said, I highly recommend this book. In order to get the most out of it, be prepared to invest some time in reading and fully understanding the content – the reasoning behind the principles and mindsets described. I personally had to re-read some of the sections and I took notes throughout as I was reading to ensure I got all the details and fully grasped the point(s) being made.

The strength of this book is that you can read it cover to cover and learn all about Agile Principles and its practices, but you can also use it as a reference book going back to each practice and using them to improve you and your teams skills in that area.”

Davon Nasir, Program Director
Universal Service Administrative Company